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Online and Campus-Based MBA Programs in Finance

Graduates of online MBA programs in finance are likely to join the financial analyst ranks. Institutional investors--mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, and non-profits--hire analysts to invest their funds. Banks also employ analysts to sell stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Despite recent rumbles in the financial services industry, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( says employment of financial analysts could increase by 20 percent, or much faster than average, between 2008 and 2018.

Online MBA programs in Finance: Five Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for graduates of online MBA programs in finance include interesting jobs.

  1. Industry, Regional or Product Analysts: Focus, for instance, on utilities, Latin America, or options to determine how norms, policies, and political or economic decisions impact investments.
  2. Risk Analysts: Evaluate portfolio risk and limit potential losses through diversification, currency futures, derivatives or short selling.
  3. Rating Analysts: Review the ability of companies and governments to pay debts, including bonds. Management teams then rate their risk of default.
  4. Portfolio or Fund Managers: Supervise a team of analysts; determine portfolio or hedge/mutual fund investments in products, industries and regions; and explain strategies to investors.
  5. Other Financial Analysts: Conduct budget, cost and credit analyses.

Analysts rely on spreadsheet and statistical software to evaluate data, identify trends, allocate portfolio assets, and forecast market behavior. They also recommend the buying, holding, or selling of investments. In May 2009, the mean annual wage of a financial analyst stood at $$85,240, according to the The highest paid analysts were in the San Francisco and New York metropolitan areas.

Online MBA Programs in Finance: Education Options

Online MBA programs in finance should prepare financial analysts for these lucrative yet highly competitive careers, through courses and investment simulations. Typical coursework may include capital budgeting, mergers, business forecasting, mergers, risk management, and more.

Online MBA programs in finance combine specialization courses with core disciplines to offer a well-rounded business education. Most online grad school programs in finance require two years to complete. Upon completion, graduates can then become Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs).

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