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Online and Campus-Based MBA Programs in Human Resources

Human resources (HR) has become an integral part of well-functioning companies. Today, businesses are looking to draw upon a better educated pool of talent--in turn, the MBA is becoming an important degree in the workplace. An MBA in human resources can open the door to new career opportunities, including management level positions.

Today's HR executive interfaces between top management and employees at all levels. Within HR circles one can work in recruitment, training, and labor relations--with each area having its own specialties. Online MBA programs in human resources lend flexibility to the student/candidate given the increased availability of electronic resources plus savings in travel and classroom hours.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Accounting
  • Business strategy
  • Operations management
  • Marketing

Other traditional courses may include statistics, manufacturing, production, and more.

Online MBA Programs in Human Resources: Invest in Your Career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for May 2012, the mean annual salary for HR personnel is $60,660 and varies with experience and results. Many corporations help pay for MBA programs for their executives, since no time is lost from work and employees come away better-trained. Financial aid and even scholarships are also available for online MBA programs.

An MBA program lasts an average of two years. Online study can accelerate the learning process or proceed at the student's pace depending on the rules of each individual college.

Additional Information for Human Resources MBA Degree Hopefuls

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