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Managing Your Career

A successful career does not just happen. As with any other important project, it requires management. Whether you are a current MBA student or a recent graduate, you are at an important juncture in your career. From here, it’s important to assess, or reassess, your goals and how to achieve them.

Assess yourself

Take a look at your current or most recent job. Was it satisfying? Did you feel aligned with the goals of your company? Consider the outlook for that job, and how your role at the company might develop.

Then think about what you’d like to accomplish. You may want to look back on your employment history (or other activities, such as volunteering) to help clarify what work experiences you have found rewarding, and why.

Reach out and connect

Networking is essential to every aspect of career development. Stay hooked in with other professionals in your field to maintain a feel for the industry, to explore different career paths and to develop leads on new jobs.

The networking website is a valuable tool, but so are industry conferences, professional organizations, and the alumni affairs office of your business school.

Set career goals and invest in yourself

Armed with the information you’ve gathered, you can map where you want your career to go, and what you need to need to get there.

No matter what those goals are, you should always be learning -- whether it’s getting familiar with new technology or trying a different professional role. Stay on top of the latest developments in your industry and be aware of market trends that may affect your sector of the business world. This can help you be a more effective employee, an impressive job candidate, and a successful entrepreneur.

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