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Education Administration MBA: Helping to Develop a Career in Education Management

Even though we traditionally don't think of them as such, schools are big businesses. Educational institutions have many of the same needs as major corporations, including personnel, resource management and finance, and facilities like these can use business-minded professionals to help with management. An online MBA program in education management helps give students the skills they need to enable schools and educational facilities to find ways to streamline operations and allocate resources to allow the organization to meet its goals.

MBA in Education Management

According to information from The College Board, an advanced degree in education management should include courses in business topics such as human resources and finance as well as education-specific courses, such as student services and curriculum. Education MBA programs are offered in a wide range of settings from traditional on-campus programs to accelerated programs for professionals as well as flexible online programs allowing students to learn at their own pace. Online programs are often preferred by students managing both college and a career, as these tend to offer accommodating courses and schedules.

Education Management Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) notes that many people interested in education management and administration start their careers as teachers and then advance by earning a master's or doctoral degree. An educational management MBA degree could prepare you for a career and a variety of occupations, including those as a principal, assistant principal, central office administrator, academic dean and school director. Job prospects should be excellent in this field, according the bls.gov, thanks to a "large number of expected retirements and fewer applicants for some positions." Salary data from the bls.gov shows that education administrators earned mean annual incomes of $81,870, according to numbers from May 2010. Earning an education MBA can help give you the leadership skills needed to tackle tough situations and assist schools with management.

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