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Discovering the Executive MBA

Executive MBA programs are designed for senior business leaders who want to strengthen their expertise. Business schools offer these unique training programs for working executives who are looking to advance to the highest levels of the corporate ladder, especially managers who are seeking C-suite (CEO, CFO, COO etc.) or entrepreneurial roles. Programs are available in full-time, part-time, campus-based, or online formats.

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Depending on the business school, executive MBA coursework may be offered in a compressed, accelerated format, or spread out over a year or more. Online executive MBA programs afford busy managers the opportunity to pursue classes in corporate structure, change management, leadership, and team-building without having to leave home or office.

Global companies see a low-risk, high-return investment in sending their managers to executive MBA programs, and some require their top-level executives to enroll in these programs. Consequently, many corporations participate in tuition financing for their managers, paying part or all of the tuition. Companies may also reduce employee work obligations during the time of their MBA program.

Students may apply for Graduate Management Admission Council MBA loans; however, most executive MBA participants are not eligible for more traditional graduate-school Stafford loans or grants.

Executive MBA Risks and Rewards

The advantage of an executive MBA over a traditional business school program is that curriculum is role-specific and focuses on developing a select range of management skills. Upon completion, some senior executives are immediately rewarded with an upgrade in title and salary.These programs are decidedly not for emerging business managers who want a well-rounded, comprehensive financial and managerial degree, or for those who lack considerable workplace experience.

Students may also have to juggle a heavy corporate workload and mandatory weekend attendance at executive MBA classes, restricting their family lives and adding stress to their ongoing career responsibilities. But the advantages of executive MBAs are increasingly recognized in companies worldwide, as even the most senior executives head back to school to update their knowledge and skills.

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