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Online and Campus-Based Global Management MBA Programs

It really is a small world: Today, global industries are increasingly interconnected. This makes understanding company management on a global scale key for anyone looking to move up the corporate ladder. Earning an international MBA has become a popular stop on the career path for many students.

Accredited International business MBA programs combine traditional and international business education to equip you with the global perspective needed to help businesses succeed beyond home country borders.

Students can earn their international MBA through distance learning programs or in traditional schools. While traditional programs offer more personal contact, getting your international MBA in a distance learning setting may provide students with the option for lower cost education and flexible study time. When searching for schools that could jump-start your international business career, you may want to look into programs that offer an MBA in global management or an MBA in international business, both of which offer similar curricula.

From the International MBA to the Global Marketplace

Top international MBA programs could be your ticket to the fascinating and challenging arena of global business. For the world economy, international financial services firm Goldman Sachs forecasts real GDP growth in 2012 of 3.2 percent and in 2013 of 4.1 percent. Emerging countries, including China, are expected to continue developing rapidly, while the U.S. and Europe are projected to recover from their recessions. You may use your MBA in global management knowledge to develop international operations at home or abroad.

In an increasingly global economy, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that experience in international economics, marketing, and information systems, as well as knowledge of several languages could be beneficial to developing a career. As of May 17, 2011, general and operations managers in the U.S. made a mean annual wage of $113,100, while chief executives earned $173,350. International executive compensation could be adjusted to account for cost of living abroad and include additional perks. Therefore, an international MBA could allow you to make a business difference while experiencing the world.

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