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Think Fast: The One-Year, Full-Time MBA

The one-year, full-time MBA program is a fast-paced, highly specialized course of study. It's designed to help ambitious professionals enhance their management potential with an employer or increase their success in the job market. Students should be highly focused on their goals and have the assurance from their current or prospective employers that a one-year MBA is suitable for attaining promotions.

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Entry requirements for this streamlined, full-time, accelerated business school program are strict, and typically require applicants to have on-the-job or business-related academic experience. Students take the entire year off from work, dedicating themselves to scholarship over an 11- to 16-month school year. You may have to relocate to attend the business school of your choice.

Advantages of the One-Year MBA

This highly-specialized degree program focuses directly on coursework that applies to your niche business or industry. With less core coursework than typically required by two-year programs, this accelerated MBA offers classes that will complement your experience in the workplace.

Although you won't participate in an internship, you'll have ample opportunities to build a network in your profession and industry, as well as get interviews with visiting recruiters.

An employer may require you to complete a full-time MBA in order to move into leadership roles. If you're qualified for management, your employer may help finance your training, with a provision that you commit to several years of service upon graduation.

Disadvantages of the One-Year MBA

Some employers may not recognize the one-year program as a comprehensive business management degree. And as you probably won't have time to undertake an internship, you won't enjoy the broad advantages that students gain from working with prospective employers, integrating skills, and building life-long career networks. Because it's a full-time, accelerated program, you most likely won't be able to work and earn income for that year.

However, if you're financing your own education, you'll generally pay less for a one-year program than the two-year degree. Loans, scholarships, and grants are generally available. If you're motivated to study and committed to success, a one-year, full-time MBA could be right for you.

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