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Online MBA Programs in Project Management

Companies of almost any size can benefit from project management. Gone are the days when a single executive oversaw all operations or when multiple managers ended up working at odds with one another. Long term customer satisfaction, quality in service/product(s), high employee morale, and the all-important bottom line require a proactive problem-solver to maintain primary elements in balance. Enter the project manager who acts like a detective, constantly questioning key individuals and finding answers while keeping matters on an even keel. The project manager must keep project goals in mind and respect the opinions of clients however much they may differ. Some primary elements of project management are:

  • Scope. Define product or service to be delivered
  • Time. Respect agreed-upon restraints
  • Cost. Work toward pre-planned profit goals
  • Quality. Maximize results without compromising
  • Risk. Overcome barriers to satisfactory conclusion

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Online MBA Programs in Project Management

    Daunting as such tasks may seem, MBA programs prepare project managers to perform with excellence. Enabling MBA programs can be done online while the project manager trains without losing time from work. MBA programs in project management also prepare candidates prior to joining a company.

    Campus-based and online MBA programs in project management can lead to blue-collar careers like industrial supervisors and construction managers or possibly white-collar jobs as top-tier project managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries range from $96,000 to $133,000 and beyond depending on the the industry or business involved.

    Typical coursework for online MBA programs in project management includes planning, ethics, risk management, team building, mathematics skills like statistics, decision science, and cost-benefit analysis. Written and oral skills help project managers compose plans, reports, and coordinate with team members and managers. Additional courses in construction science, information technology, and engineering focus on the target industry.

    Typical time for MBA programs runs two years but online studies add flexibility.

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