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Top 50 Business School Professors on Twitter

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Who doesn't want to stay in the know? Learn about new MBA programs? Rather than try and figure these things out on your own, it might just be smarter to find and follow those astute business professors on Twitter who are sharing their insights, analyses and unbending opinions on a regular basis. This way you can stay up-to-date on business, industry and university news, garner new perspectives, and read the same articles and literature that these top professors deem valuable.

In this list of top 50 business school professors on Twitter, you'll meet a wide range of figures. Some are deans of business schools or even instruct in online MBA programs while others work in specific business areas such as economics or social media. You'll find a few that hail from countries such as Finland, Italy or Russia while most of the others come from the U.S.  Criteria used to select these top 50 business school professors included variables such as number of tweets, number of followers, business school name, connections, pithy insight, and more. Read on to discover the top 50 business school professors that just might be worth your Twitter-following time:

  • @aaker, Jennifer Aaker, professor of marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Aaker's 2,000 tweets focus on topics such as health care, social behavior and people's understanding of money.

  • @AndrewTStephen, Andrew Stephen, professor, University of Pittsburgh and Columbia Business School

Stephen covers topics such as e-commerce, social media (especially as related to the Super Bowl), Klout's social media metrics, and that new hot dog station opening in Pittsburgh.

  • @AnthonyBSanders, Anthony Sanders, professor of finance, George Mason University

This professor, who uses phrases like "Chrysalis of Conundrums," has more than 1,000 followers and tweets about topics veering from politics to Freddie Mac and that place near the Capitol Building in D.C. to pick up on policy discussions.

  • @Austan_Goolsbee, Austan Goolsbee, professor of economics, Booth School of Business

This professor, with more than 4,700 followers, is not afraid to quote Yoda. He also enjoys tweeting on current presidential potentials and about his favorite Hostess treats (as related to his tweets about Hostess going into bankruptcy).

  • @Bill_George, Bill George, professor, Harvard Business School

With some 9,600-plus followers and more than 4,700 tweets, George stays busy sending out updates on joblessness, leadership, entrepreneurship, long-term thinking regarding Facebook's IPO and learning to think at as fast a rate as the world is changing.

  • @Bob_Bruner, Bob Bruner, dean, Darden School of Business

Bruner tweets about UVA (where he works), coming changes in higher education, the movie "The Artist," Paul Krugman's (slight) optimism about the economy, and more.

  • @bluehenprof, Anu Sivaraman, marketing professor, University of Delaware

A mom to a 6-year-old, Sivaraman sends out tweets to her students, about recognized professors at UD and on news articles that appeal to her.

  • @CabreraAngel, Angel Cabrera, president, Thunderbird School of Global Management

His 5,000-plus tweets focus on emerging markets, entrepreneurship, the unemployment rate in Spain, the American primaries and more.

  • @claychristensen, Clayton Christensen, professor, Harvard Business School

With more than 15,000 followers, Christensen tweets on economic theory, disruptive innovation and technology in higher education.

  • @CRA1G, Craig Froehle, business professor, University of Cincinnati

Froehle, who holds a doctorate in business administration, keeps his 2,000-plus followers entertained, interspersing jokes and light commentary with technology reviews and tips.

  • @cspenn, Christopher Penn, marketing professor, University of San Francisco

Penn has sent nearly 30,000 tweets (this guy is busy!) on marketing, social media and the difficulties of air travel in the 21st century.

  • @DavidAaker, David Aaker, professor emeritus, UC Berkeley

Aaker sends out tweets to his 5,000-plus followers on topics such as how smart phones are being used in-store to check out prices and for buying advice, strategy lessons from Little Red Riding Home, and more.

  • @DavidBachIE, David Bach, professor of strategic management and dean of programs, IE Business School in Madrid

For those interested in the Spanish economy, Bach might just be the guy to follow. Tweeting on all things Spanish from Real Madrid to FC Barcelona as well as covering germane business topics such as the availability of PhD scholarships at IE, Bach posts are diverse and fun-to-read.

  • @deankarlan, Dean Karlan, professor of economics, Yale University

Karlan posts about everything from Indian head bobbles, top 100 NGO rankings and sticking to New Year's resolutions.

  • @DeanOlian, Judy Olian, dean, UCLA School of Management

While Olian is a relative newbie to Twitter, her posts cover a variety of topics: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo speaking at UCLA, having students set BHAGs (or big hairy audacious goals) and the offering of the school's new Latin America EMBA.

  • @Don_Roy, Don Roy, marketing professor, Middle Tennessee State University

With interests that range from advertising, brand management, new products, sponsorship and more, Don Roy has more than 1,600 followers and sends out original tweets like: "Brand meaning: You define it or it will be defined for you - which do you want?"

  • @drbengoss, Ben Goss, associate professor, Missouri State University

Goss teaches sports management, so it's not surprising that his regularly updated twitter stream is filled with tweets on the cost of ESPN or the top-selling NFL jersey; however, Goss also tweets about technology, cars and politics.

  • @EmileCambry, Emile Cambry, MBA professor, North Park University

With nearly 20,000 tweets, Cambry shares thoughts on everything from the stock market to jaw-dropping professional sports contracts.

  • @gallaugher, John Gallaugher, professor of information systems, Carroll School of Management at Boston College

Gallaugher's 4,000-plus tweets cover topics such as entrepreneurship, social networks, sports, technology, and the Verizon and Redbox plan to team up.

  • @gpetriglieri, Gianpiero Petriglieri, visiting associate professor of business administration, Harvard Business School

Petriglieri, an Italian, gives illuminating insight into American culture, commenting on everything from football, Twitter, and even Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg.

  • @guptsunil, Sunil Gupta, professor, Harvard Business School

Although not a heavy user of Twitter, Gupta's messages and posts are hard-hitting and on-point. One pithy post reads: "Three apples that have change the word - Adam & Eve's apple, Newton's apple and Steve Job's Apple."

  • @heidivar, Heidi Varpelaide, senior lecturer, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

With nearly 900 followers, Varpelaide is busy sending tweets - or re-tweeting - about the importance of social media (or how it could ruin your business), tips for building your personal brand, and social media predictions for 2012. Some of her Tweets are also in Finnish!

  • @ipeirotis, Panos Ipeirotis, associate professor, Stern School of Business

Ipeirotis, who also blogs at, offers a tech-focused perspective on the business world, details about how his students use technology and thoughts on the Internet in general.

  • @JenFontaine, Jennifer Fontaine, adjunct faculty, University of Phoenix -- Louisville Campus

Marketing consultant and entrepreneur Jennifer Fontaine has a faithful following of more than 10,000 on Twitter, and why not, with everything from updates on Jon Bon Jovi to helpful advice for small business owners.

  • @johannask, Johanna Skilling, adjunct professor of marketing, NYU-SCPS

Skilling's more than 2,000 tweets focus on everything from technology and social media to fun news for foodies.

  • @KerryGorgone, Kerry Gorgone, instructor of Internet marketing, Full Sail University

Gorgone is busy with 3,500-plus tweets about teaching media writing to students, graduation rates at Full Sail and Klout comparisons at

  • @LyleWetsch, Lyle Wetsch, associate professor of marketing, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Wetsch's tweets focus in on social media possibilities such as that 97 percent of marketers say social media has positive ROI and that Twitter ad revenue is project to triple by 2014. With more than 5,000 tweets, Wetsch is serious about tweeting.

  • @marthagabriel, Martha Gabriel, MBA marketing professor, HSM Educação

As if Gabriel has time to tweet with 26,000-plus followers and more than 10,000 tweets, but she certainly does and covers germane topics such as socialgraphics, marketing courses, social media, and more. It helps if you know Spanish.

  • @michaelaroberto, Michael A. Roberto, professor, Bryant University

Roberto's tweets favor leadership and he is bound to be sending out one tweet or another on what defines leadership and what makes a good leader as well as thoughts on business topics, such as entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • @mpiskorski, Misiek Piskorski, associate professor of strategy, Harvard Business School

Piskorski provides regular updates on social media uses, including links to relevant news items and plenty of back and forth with other Twitter users.

  • @noamwass, Noam Wasserman, professor, Harvard Business School

With more than 2,000-plus followers, Wasserman tweets about MBA graduate student success, shares inspiring quotes and offers links to must-read stories.

  • @Nouriel, Nouriel Roubini, professor, Stern School

If it's not impressive that Roubini has sent out more than 4,000 tweets, it might be that he has 135,000-plus followers. Tweeting about topics from high unemployment numbers for young people and the need for reforms in Russia, Roubini seems to have the down-low on important economic fundamentals.

  • @prchovanec, Patrick Chovanec, business professor, Tsinghua University

Chovanec tweets on the business world as he sees it in Beijing, China. Find out about top business stories in China, China's economy and more from an important emerging business partner.

  • @ProfAron, Dave Aron, business professor, Tsinghua University

This marketing professor tweets about new sites to check out, articles to read, networking, his website, and more.

  • @profgalloway, Scott Galloway, professor of brand strategy, Stern School of Business

Galloway covers topics from what entrepreneurs can learn from Woody Allen, how China's middle class is buying European instead of American, and 10 steps to becoming more interesting.

  • @Prof_Malhotra, Deepak Malhotra, professor, Harvard Business School

This author of "I Moved your Cheese" tweets links to top-read stories, comments on the ongoing race for the Republican presidential candidacy and even shares his ideas on books worth reading. His comedic and tongue-in-cheek attitude can even be felt in his short comments.

  • @ProfPaulKrugman, ProfPaulKrugman, professor of economics and international affairs, Princeton University

With nearly 70,000 followers, Krugman has made a calling out of short, sweet tweets: nearly 4,000 in all leading to pieces on frugality, fiscal policy, risk, and more.

  • @ProfThomas, David Thomas, dean, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

Thomas tweets about former alumni, entrepreneurship, politics, and D.C. restaurants.

  • @R_Thaler, Richard H Thaler, professor of behavioral science and economics, Booth School of Business

Thaler not only loves commenting about the current Republican contest for the presidential nomination, but also providing links to his commentary published in news articles and posts. An all-together thoroughly fun professor to follow, Thaler stays up-to-date on current news events.

  • @rgmcgrath, Rita Gunter McGrath, professor, Columbia Business School

Although fairly light on her tweets, McGrath covers topics such as labor markets in transition and the profitability of newspapers as well as providing links to her free webinars.

  • @saloner, Garth Saloner, dean, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Saloner tweets about everything from Stanford happenings, a day in the life of a second-year Stanford MBA student and where to buy farm-fresh eggs.

  • @richlyons, Rich Lyons, dean, Berkely-Haas School of Business

Lyon's 3,000-plus followers are treated to an insider view of business education, with tweets on curriculum, trends in MBA education and life at Berkeley.

  • @rosabethkanter, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor, Harvard Business School

This Harvard professor tweets about the importance of clarity, as well as creativity, innovation, leadership, politics, values and more. It could be her several tweets a day that have helped attract 20,000-plus followers.

  • @Sheena_Iyengar, Sheena Iyengar, professor, Columbia Business School

With nearly 3,000 followers, Iyengar's recent tweets cover women postponing their working lives for education, her latest TED talk, and the book "The Defining Decade," about how the choices you make in yours 20s can make all the difference.

  • @shashib, Shashi Bellamkonda, adjunct professor in marketing, Georgetown University

Bellamkonda's 68,000-plus tweets cover topics such as catchy jingles, mobile marketing, social network sites, sushi, and more.

  • @steveshu, Steve Shu, assistant professor, Irvine University

With more than 3,000 tweets, Shu keeps tabs on management training, technology and a career in consulting.

  • @teisenmann, Tom Eisenmann, professor, Harvard Business School

Nearly 1,000 tweets on business school events, entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, and a recent trip to Silicon Valley.

  • @tylercowen, Tyler Cowen, professor of economics, George Mason University

With nearly 17,000 followers, Cowen comments on global economies, politics, and birthday dinners. "In reality, I can't contain my own milk spills on the breakfast table in the morning," he recently tweeted.

  • @VernetteE, Eric Vernette, marketing professor, Toulouse University

With more than 1,300-sent tweets, this marketing professor sends out messages in both English and French that encompass all kinds of social-media topics; the one called "Spending Other People's Money: What Professors and Doctors Have in Common" leads to a related Forbes article.

  • @work_matters, Bob Sutton, professor, Stanford University

With 8,000-plus followers, Sutton tweets about everything from the acceptability of hugs in the workplace to classroom furniture in rural Georgia and good and simple performance evaluation forms.