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While looking for the right MBA school, applicants need to consider a variety of decision factors, such as location and concentration. has provided MBA rankings to help individuals make the decision of which program could be best for them. Ranking pages are existing lists from U.S. News & World Report and Businessweek and rate a number of MBA program types, including part-time, online, and executive MBA programs. Applicants can also find out which schools have been ranked highest for finance, marketing, and international business. Browse our rankings below for more information.

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There are currently more than eight reputable MBA rankings available to prospective MBA students. While these rankings can help individuals understand such factors as post-graduate employment outcomes and student-to-professor ratios, they do not provide too much insight into such aspects of business schools as online course options and specialty programs. To help make sense of these rankings and balance them with other aspects of what business schools have to offer, has interviewed MBA professors, deans and admissions directors at several highly ranked schools for their opinions on what value MBA rankings can have, what other factors to consider, and what caveats exist when using business school rankings in deciding where to apply.

"It's really hard for individual rankings to capture all the great things that are happening at all the different schools around the country," - William Wait, director of MBA admissions at University of Wisconsin's School of Business

"I think where students get into trouble is when they use it as a selection mechanism, 'okay, I've been admitted to these schools, I'm going to go to this one because it's ranked 16th and I'm not going to go to this one because it's ranked 20th.'" - Andrew Sama, senior associate director of MBA admissions for the University of Notre Dame

"The next step is to visit and get the fit, see if you feel comfortable there, if they are teaching what you feel it is that you want to learn, if they are going to give you the opportunities you need, do they have the right corporate connections, what is their alumni base like, and so forth." - Ken White, the associate dean of MBA & MS programs at the University Of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business