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5 Best Online MBA Tools

Being able to earn a business education in a virtual classroom is sending many existing and future professionals back to school with a purpose. The following online MBA tools can transform a degree path into a pre-career path.

  1. Laptop Computer: It might seem like a no-brainer that online MBA candidates should be able to travel with their connection to classmates and professors, but not all students go that route right away. The ability to tap into the academic workflow from anywhere, at any time can significantly enhance the hours spent working toward a degree.
  2. Smartphone or Tablet PC: Although smaller and less powerful than a full-fledged laptop, these micro-computing tools also offer significant advantages to the online MBA student. Mobile applications exist to help students take notes, download lecture audio, or calculate complex financial problems with ease.
  3. News Feed Subscriptions: Whether the student prefers RSS/Atom feeds or traditional print media, staying on top of the news in business and finance is a must for anyone pursuing an online MBA. Tools are available through most modern computing devices to read online news, and magazine subscriptions can be ordered through paper mail or online.
  4. Kindle or eReader: For students whose eyes strain easily staring at a laptop or desktop computer screen, may prefer the kinder, gentler reading environment of an eReader. These tools can make reading long documents less of a chore to parse and process.
  5. Twitter: No longer just a platform for social exhibition, Twitter has emerged in recent years as a hub of information of all varieties. Students who judiciously follow business and financial info sources might find themselves ahead of the game and at the head of the class.

Of course, with any online MBA, tools aren't going to allow a student to coast through coursework without effort. Possession and disciplined use of the right online MBA tools, though, can skyrocket the effectiveness of the educational experience and deliver enhanced benefits to any career-minded MBA candidate.