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MBA Programs in Illinois

Illinois is home to 31 Fortune 500 companies that cover a range of industry sectors, from manufacturing to insurance and financial services. Illinois' central Midwest location and its transportation infrastructure, including O'Hare International Airport and 13 ports, make it perfectly situated for warehousing and distribution, both nationally and globally.

Companies in all of these industries, whether national, international or Fortune 500, require sound business and marketing leadership--perfect for graduates of business schools in Illinois.

The state Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) offers Illinois businesses incentives for expansion, tech support, access to investment capital and expertise in global marketing. It also places a strong emphasis on small business opportunities for female and minority entrepreneurs.

Chicago is Big on Business for Graduates of MBA programs in Illinois

Chicago is by far the largest city in Illinois. In addition to being a top U.S. tourism destination, Chicago ranks seventh as a Global Financial Center and has the second-largest science and engineering workforce in the U.S. The city is also crazy for its sports teams: One of the 50 fastest-growing occupations in Illinois, according to the state Department of Labor, is agents and business managers of athletes, artists and performers. Sports management is a specialty area, and an MBA could be your ticket into this fascinating career. In a state with so many different opportunities, graduates of business schools in Illinois should have career choices in every industry sector.

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