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MBA Programs in Ohio

Ohio's economy is recovering, according to Moody's Analytics, and the state's gross domestic product was on the rise in 2010, as CNN Money indicates. A number of business initiatives in the state are hoping to build on that growth. For example, the Ohio Third Frontier, a $700 million program that focuses on technology-based initiatives in the economy, is geared at helping existing businesses restructure to become more competitive in the global market.

The state is also sponsoring the ONE Fund, in partnership with Ohio State University's Center for Entrepreneurship at Fisher College of Business, to help link young entrepreneurs with industry experts and investors. Any of these opportunities could be advantageous to a graduate of one of the business programs in Ohio who is looking to put his or skills to work. Additionally, graduates could look for opportunities within some of the largest economic sectors in the state. These include health care and related services, finance and insurance, manufacturing, and real estate.

Ohio Provides a Variety of Opportunities for MBA Graduates

After graduating from one of the business schools in Ohio, you could also look for employment in one of three major metropolitan areas in Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland or Columbus. Major employers located in these areas include the Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic medical center; the supermarket chain Kroger, located in Cincinnati; and Columbus' Ohio State University, offering more than 175 majors. In all, 16 Fortune 500 companies are located within these cities. In total, Ohio is home to 27 Fortune 500 companies--from American Financial Group to Macy's and Procter & Gamble--that could be potential employers for graduates of one of the MBA programs in Ohio.

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