MBA Programs: Guide to Online MBAs & Program Rankings
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Why MBA Programs?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs offer an educational foundation in business concepts, helping to provide individuals with a unique understanding of major functions within a business. Students typically select MBA programs based on their rank, campus location and/or concentration offerings. A master in business degree is a general degree, teaching students business fundamentals and information they can use to change career paths, leverage their current company position or even start their own business. MBA students may also take interdisciplinary courses to broaden their expertise in areas such as analytics, managerial leadership and problem solving. Finally, students may choose to focus their studies broadly across all operations within an organization or concentrate on a singular emphasis. MBA majors can range from finance to marketing and project management to health informatics. They can explore which schools may be ideal for their preferred program type or concentration by exploring various publications' MBA rankings.

Online MBA Programs

Prospective MBA students have the option to choose from an array of educational tracks varying in length, program type and learning format: full time, part time, hybrid, accelerated or online. Online MBA programs could be ideal for working professionals who seek flexible scheduling options, as the curriculum is available 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection.  A recent study published by the Department of Education shows, on average, students who learn through online instructional formats outperformed their peers than those who receive traditional face-to-face instruction.  Today, many traditional brick-and-mortar schools now offer MBA degrees online, including the University of North Carolina, Pennsylvania State University and Indiana University.  The increase in the number of business schools with online programs offers working professionals the opportunity to pursue their educational goals without time scheduling constraints.

Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates

Students enter MBA programs for a variety of reasons, from developing industry acumen to acquiring new leadership skills, pursuing job opportunities to seeking promotion in their current field. Although earning an MBA does not guarantee a promotion or salary increase, the degree may help expand one’s professional options. Many Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, look to hire MBAs for not only internships but top-level positions. Some companies, like Apple, have MBA intern programs. Indeed, an MBA degree can be a great option for individuals seeking a career changes, looking to expand their professional network, and build upon their industry expertise. Use our new Top Jobs for MBAs tool to learn more.

A Primer on Startups

A Primer on Startups

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