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Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

So you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? The Kauffman Foundation (2011) reports that only 320 out of every 100,000 adults set up new businesses in the United States. For most people, stepping outside the safety net of employment is an uncomfortable and unfamiliar notion. It’s no small feat to organize, manage, and assume the risks and responsibility of a business; do you have the education and background that could help you to succeed?

This infographic examines the experience, education, and goals of entrepreneurs:

  • Experience: LinkedIn (2012) compiled data from its more than 120 million public member profiles and explored attributes shared by those who started businesses.

  • Education: The Princeton Review (2012) released a list of the top-ranked graduate programs for entrepreneur offerings.

For those of you who relish the thought of breaking out of your comfort zone and making success truly your own, the question is – how are you going to get started? An online MBA program is one place to start, but check out the infographic for further information on what it takes to jumpstart your success.

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For a complete list of sources, please view the infographic.

Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit?
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