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International MBA Student Resources

As an international student, earning an MBA at a U.S. business school can seem like an overwhelming venture. There are many things to keep in mind: the student visa application process, surviving cultural differences in the American classroom, and the challenge of seeking employment after graduation. But even though the goal to earn an MBA at a U.S. business school presents challenges, there are many resources available to make the process much easier.

As international students embark on their MBA journey, the following provides a good tool set for the various considerations involved in pursuing an MBA as an international student in the U.S.

    Selecting an MBA Program

    There are hundreds of accredited MBA programs across the U.S, each offering something different. These resources allow students to compare them and narrow down their search. Each provides both a ranking as well as a school profile to help students select schools that best match their needs.

    The F-1 Student Visa Process

    The F-1 student visa is required in order to begin studies as an international student. Reference the following to understand the steps involved in completing the F-1 visa. It can take several months to wait for F-1 visa approval, so most sources recommend starting the process one year in advance of the intended MBA program start date.

    Surviving Cultural Differences in the American Classroom

    While the fundamentals of business study may be consistent across MBA programs in any country, there are cultural changes that international students should prepare for when beginning their program of study at a U.S. business school. These Websites offer articles and specifics on what international students should keep in mind, helping to make the transition from their home country to the US a bit simpler.

    Obtaining Employment in the U.S.

    Once international students complete their MBA programs, their next step may involve securing U.S. employment sponsorship. This sponsorship allows international workers to apply for an H1-B visa to temporarily work in the U.S. for up to six years while obtaining a Green Card to live permanently in the U.S. (if desired).

    For international MBA students, resources are important because of language and cultural barriers. Take the time to get familiar with the international education process and use the resources above to get started.