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2011 Changes to the Business School Landscape

Business schools are finally seeing a comeback after the economic downturn diminished endowments, discouraged the MBA job market, and decreased salaries for new graduates. In his January 4, 2011 Fortune blog, contributor John A. Byrne predicts how the business school landscape will change.

2011 B-School Predictions

After a two-year shift on the business school front, Byrnes makes eight predictions for how MBA programs will look in 2011. Among his predictions are these top three:

  1. MBA Job Market Improves. Wall Street firms and banks are hiring again, and as a result consulting firms that work with the financial services industry are also scaling up their hiring.
  2. Non-U.S. Business Schools Become More Selective. As non-U.S. business schools improve in quality, students interested in international MBA programs will look abroad to schools, such as London Business School, IE Business School in Spain, and CEIBS in Shanghai.
  3. More MBA Programs Accept the GRE. According to a Kaplan survey of 288 business schools, 39% of business schools now accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT. A newly revised GRE exam will be offered at a 50% discount.

Check out Byrnes' blog for more of his predictions on how business schools will change in 2011.