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Harvard Business School's New Program for Financial Execs

A Jan. 5 article for MarketWatch.com reports that next month, Harvard Business School will launch its new executive education program, Leadership in Financial Organizations. The program targets senior executives of global financial institutions, and will be held in four global locations: England, India, China, and at Harvard Business School in Boston.

"The financial industry's ongoing uncertainty in the wake of the economic crisis has presented leaders with a new set of challenges, including stricter regulation and the public's expectation for greater transparency," David Yoffie, professor of international business administration, senior associate dean and chair of executive education at HBS, says in the article.

The new program at HBS seeks to give financial leaders the resources and innovative strategies to face those challenges. The curriculum framework in all four locations will include topics such as risk management, talent management and team leadership. Executives will have an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, and then bring those concepts back to their organizations. Additionally, executives in the program can work on building global relationships that can serve leaders well after course completion.

The program, to be based on global case studies focused specifically on the financial industry, should involve high-level executives from financial institutions around the world. The first session of the program is scheduled to be held in England, from February 13 to 16, 2012.