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MBA Programs » MBA Headlines » Despite Financial Crisis, Top MBA Programs Boast Strong Finance Graduates

Despite Financial Crisis, Top MBA Programs Boast Strong Finance Graduates

When effects of the global financial crisis hit MBA programs, many business schools feared the long-time strength in finance concentrations would contract. As the economy begins to recover, however, many top MBA programs prove that the finance concentration has endured. One International Business Times (www.ibtimes.com, 2010) staff reporter summarizes five of the world's top business schools with prevailing finance concentrations.

Finance Concentration Triumphs at 5 of World's Top Business Schools

The IBTimes staff reporter showcases five MBA programs where finance concentrators comprise nearly half of their programs' graduates. Of the U.S. b-schools, Columbia Business School, Chicago Booth School, and University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School make the list. The strength in Columbia's finance program is attributed to the magnitude of the student-alumni-faculty network, while that of the Chicago Booth School lies in their academic rigor and emphasis on hard quantitative finance skills. Because of Wharton School's close relationship to Wall Street firms, students aspiring to land careers in the financial services industry are well-suited for a finance concentration at this b-school.

Two business schools outside the U.S. continue to produce a large number of finance graduates, as well, the London Business School and Rotman School of Management in Toronto. Visit mbaprograms.org for more general information about business schools and how they rank.