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Duke Rethinks Plan for B-School Campus in China

Duke University is revising plans to open a business school campus in Kunshan, China, in the fall of 2012 due to faculty concerns, InsideHigherEd reports.

Following an assessment from the two committees that were charged with designing the inaugural master's degree program, the decision was made to put the expansion on hold until the program could be further refined and reviewed, possibly putting the 2012 opening date in jeopardy.

Lack of feasibility put Duke University's plans for a China campus on hold

A lack of faculty support and concerns about financial projections were the main reasons given for slowing the plans. Citing a "lack of interest … among potential students, the lack of enthusiasm among faculty … concerns about quality of the program, and the high cost of offering this program," a report by the master's of management science (M.M.S.) committee suggested that program planners go back to the drawing board to refine plans for further discussion in the fall.

Initially, the university planned to offer a one-year M.M.S. in Kunshan with Duke faculty instructors and tuition equivalent to that of the American program.

While the report does not recommend "closing the door" on the Kunshan campus altogether, it does suggest that additional refining and review by Duke faculty should be required before moving forward. Duke spokesman Michael Schoenfeld told InsideHigherEd that the additional review will "result in an even better program."