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Increased number of Asian students pick Western business schools

According to a Jan. 8, 2012 article in The New York Times, corporations in China, India, and other Asian countries are sending legions of managers and executives to Western business schools for their education. The primary reason for this trend lies with the rapidly growing Asian markets that need globally competitive companies. The sheer speed with which many Asian companies are expanding make it difficult or impossible to educate a work force that may be growing five or six times faster than the overall economy, the article indicates.

"That kind of growth is not just kept up by innate leadership capacity that is available in the company or in the economy," Krishna G. Palepu, senior associate dean for international development at Harvard Business School, says in the article. "There aren't enough business schools of high quality to train people fast enough to feed this machine."

Though many b-schools do not reveal detailed enrollment data, the article states that a number of schools reported substantial growth in recent years; in fact, a managing director at Wharton said the school's open enrollment program had attracted 50 percent more participants from India than in the previous year. This trend is mutually beneficial, according to the piece, as U.S. and European business schools profit from the growing number of students from financially stable companies, and have an opportunity to strengthen relationships in a thriving sector of the global economy.