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Insider Tips for Business School Success

A March 13 article for U.S. News and World Report offers some helpful tips and strategies for those considering business school, including information about what to look for in an MBA program, how to stand out in the MBA admissions process, and smart ways to get ahead once enrolled in business school.

When researching potential b-schools, the article suggests looking for MBA programs with a global focus. Many business schools are changing their curriculum to reflect the global nature of business, and some even offer opportunities for students to gain hands-on global experience through immersion trips, work or study abroad programs, and global partnerships.

When it comes to the admissions process, the article stresses the importance of going for interviews at your prospective business schools, even if the interview is optional. Missing an opportunity to interview in-person is almost always a mistake, says Dawna Clarke, director of admissions at the Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business.

"There are so many skills and attributes that might not come across on paper," Clarke says in the article. "Making an effort to go to a school to interview shows that you're really interested in the school and lets you tell your story in a different way."

Finally, the article offers a key piece of advice for students once they are enrolled in business school: Take advantage of clubs and organizations within the school. Playing an active role in school clubs is a great way to network with classmates, alumni, and influential business leaders, the article states, and the connections made there could lead to further opportunities like internships or even job offers.