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MBA Programs With Highest Employment Numbers for Graduates

Finding a job after graduating from an MBA program is high on the priority list of most MBA degree seekers. A March 29 article for U.S. News and World Report (www.usnews.com, 2011) zeroes in on the top U.S. business schools for job placement post-graduation. At these b-schools, 95 percent of 2011 graduates were employed within three months of graduation, the article reports.

With 98.1 percent of its graduates employed three months after graduating, Tulane University's Freeman School of Business tops the list, followed by The Max M. Fisher School of Business at Ohio State University; The College of Business at Iowa State University; and The Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University, all with post-graduation employment rates above 95 percent.

The article links a recent decline in graduate business school admissions to the job market, noting that there may be a shortage of jobs in store for the vast numbers of MBA grads seeking employment. Students who invest their time and money into an MBA degree program want to know that there will be a job for them after graduation, and for this reason, the article places particular importance on checking the employment data from their prospective b-schools.

The three-month employment rate for graduates of full-time MBA programs at the top 10 business schools was 95.3 percent on average -- significantly higher than the overall average rate of 78.7 percent for other b-schools reporting data to U.S. News. Both numbers represent an increase from the 2010 class of MBA grads, the article states.