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North American vs. European MBA programs

A Dec. 21 article in The Globe and Mail interviews Dr. Dipak Jain, current dean of global business school INSEAD and former dean of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, about his thoughts on international versus North American business schools, the current state of the MBA, and the future of business school education.

When it comes to North American versus European b-schools, Jain tells The Globe that the primary differences are time and money. European schools tend to be shorter in duration (usually one year as opposed to two), which some students feel offers a monetary advantage as well as a quicker route to the end goal of an MBA, he says. European schools may also give students a more diverse education in terms of global economy. However, Dr. Jain says that the two-year structure of North American MBA programs can give students valuable internship opportunities and more time to pursue extracurricular activities.

The article questions Jain on many topics that weigh heavily on the minds of current and future b-school students, especially those wondering about the future of the MBA and how it will play into the global economy. Dr. Jain explain his view of the MBA "brand", potential areas of growth for MBA students, as well as some ideal qualities for MBA students to possess.

"I like to see students with a passion for continuous learning and the ability and discipline to dig deeply into a subject," Jain said in the article. "Obviously, inherent intelligence is very important, but so is the ability to listen well, and to synthesize ideas and insights from various sources,"