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Opportunities for MBAs Off the Beaten Track

Earning an MBA and becoming a business professional doesn't have to be serious business all the time. Some MBA students have learned this secret to career success when it comes to identifying a specialty within their business school studies. Laura McMullen shares three MBA programs that combine traditional business with fun courses in very specialized industries in her U.S. News & World Report article, "Study Business of Wine, Fashion, or Gaming; Earn an M.B.A."

Wine, fashion and gaming industries have at least one thing in common

In her story about students concentrating their business studies in less traditional industries, McMullen makes one thing clear: The demand exists for more educated managers and leaders. She highlights three MBA programs that started because of that very demand for skilled leaders: Sonoma State University's Wine Business MBA; LIM College's MBA with a concentration in fashion merchandising and entrepreneurship; and University of Nevada-Reno's MBA with an emphasis in gaming management.

In all three programs, students pursue traditional business coursework as in any other MBA programs, but take additional classes in their unique specialties, allowing them to gain skills specific to the industry in which their passion lies. In addition to coursework, these MBA students take advantage of networking opportunities critical to the success of their careers post-business school. The lesson in McMullen's article is that students can follow their passion to find success in their careers. Chances may be, the less traditional the industry, the greater the demand for strong business leaders.