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Polish Up Your Reputation Online

Recent news has social media and technology in the spotlight of MBA programs. Twitter feeds have been used as the platform for B-school application essays and iPads have been handed out like school supplies with pre-loaded syllabi and blogs as required coursework. But social media can also pose a threat to our personal, professional, and academic reputations, and in a Bloomberg Businessweek article, "Social Media: Why B-School Applicants Need to Keep It Clean," Francesca Di Meglio reminds MBA applicants just how important that is.

Keeping your online reputation accurate is key for MBA applicants

By now, anyone who uses social media has heard the warnings about employers and admissions representatives checking up on a candidate's reputation online. But Di Meglio highlights a few things many B-school applicants may not have thought about. For instance, that it is possible to "repair" one's online reputation when undesirable photos or posts are negatively affecting an applicant's image. Companies like Reputation Rhino can help an applicant remove or hide negative content and highlight positive content that appears online. These types of sites can also be used to aid in creating a professional online presence and to monitor what's being posted.

Additionally, applicants should "flaunt" their positives by creating or highlighting professional and academic accomplishments that can be used to overshadow anything negative that is not removable. Ultimately, applicants must strive to create an online presence that is an accurate reflection of their academic and professional potential - anything less can be a deal-breaker when it comes to MBA admissions.