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Professors Integrate Social-Media Discussions Into Business Curriculum

In an effort to keep pace with rapidly evolving social media trends, MBA schools are adding new courses to the standard business curriculum. In her December, 7, 2010 article, Beth Gardiner of the Wall Street Journal reports on the dual responsibility business professors must now assume in the face of the social-media impact.

How B-School Professors Address the Social-Media Phenomenon

Professors are preparing their students for a business environment greatly impacted by social media, while helping them to understand the underlying fundamentals of business communication have not changed. On one side, Gardiner finds that professors are making an effort to keep up with the demand by students to address issues of social media in context to business studies. New course offerings within business school programs discuss social media topics in the context of advertising, marketing, and data analysis, among others.

Gardiner also finds that professors of MBA programs are wary of how students perceive social media as impacting business fundamentals. They assert that it is critical to help students understand that although social media platforms provide a new way for businesses and customers to interact, there are pitfalls with careless use and there are boundaries to be aware of in using these new technologies.