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What Summer Opportunities Can an MBA Candidate Expect?

MBAMBAPrograms.org recently received a great question on our Twitter handle @mbaprgms. An interested student asked:

"January is my 1st semester in my MBA program, what summer opportunities are available for me?"

We asked Robert Weiler, Associate Dean of the MBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management, for his thoughts, and here is what he had to say:

(Without knowing specifics about the student's chosen program or situation.)

"It is tough to know what resources are available through the school. What I can say is that certain industries, such as banking and consulting, have already completed a large portion of their summer internship recruiting. Bulge bracket investment banks and the large management consulting firms have already extended offers and filled up their summer classes. marketing, corporate finance and technology are actively recruiting right now. Other industries, like much of the investment management world, real estate, entertainment, etc. tend to recruit a little later in the school year. The same is true of smaller firms, as they often do not know what their need for summer interns is at this stage of the process. Securing internships at these kinds of firms requires students to utilize their own networks (from previous jobs, undergrad institution, family, etc.) to make connections and get in the door.

Many business school students have effectively been 'recruiting' since the fall. They have been networking, doing company research, perfecting resumes and pitches since arriving at school.

Bottom line is that someone starting their MBA program in January will be somewhat disadvantaged vis-à-vis MBA students who started in the fall.

We also asked Bob Conroy, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, for his thoughts and here is his advice as well:

"This is a tough one. It depends on the school the student is in and what area they are interested in. My suggestion is to contact the career services at the institution to discuss their individual situation."

If you have any questions regarding your MBA pursuits, connect with us on Twitter via our handle @mbaprgms and we'll try to provide you the answers you are looking for.