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Supply Chain Management Increases in Popularity Among MBA Students

The supply chain management concentration is becoming an increasingly popular option among MBA students. job opportunities are strong and salaries are rising. In a Bloomberg Businessweek article, "Supply Chain Management: The Next Big Thing?" Victoria Taylor explores what's behind this business school trend.

MBA programs seeing 'wave of interest in supply chain management at colleges all over the country'

Supply chain management has not been one of the classic MBA focuses and Taylor's article explores the recent uptick of interest in the discipline.

"Job openings, comfortable salaries, and the prospect for advancement have caused the academic community to take notice, with more students majoring in the subject and more programs offering courses and concentrations in it," Taylor writes.

Companies such as H.J. Heinz and Ann Taylor have recently created C-level positions in supply chain management, Taylor reports. Career possibilities in the discipline are expanding, and students are taking note. Facts and figures behind the recent MBA school trend include:

  • At Arizona State University's Carey School of Business, 100 percent of the supply chain MBA graduates last May had jobs upon graduation, compared with only 75 percent of marketing students.
  • At Penn State University's Smeal College of Business, more than 60 employers attend the biyearly SCM career fair.
  • The Institute for Supply Chain Management reported the average salary for supply chain management professionals is $103,664, an increase over last year's data.

Availability of SCM jobs coupled with strong salary numbers in the field make supply chain management an attractive option for MBA students.