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The Business School Visit: Make the Most of Your Time on Campus

Many prospective business school students consider the program, the school's history, and alumni--however, many overlook a key component: the campus visit. Bloomberg Businessweek lists five important parts to the business school visit:

  1. Be sure to talk to students
  2. Take time to meet the faculty
  3. Find out about job placement
  4. Decide if the program is family friendly
  5. Take a grand tour--off of school grounds

Making the Most of Your Business School Visit

Says Sherry Wallace, director of daytime MBA admissions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "You don't ever want to form a conclusion about a school after talking to just two people." Interacting with the students is a vital step to getting a sense of the business school's culture.

Take the time to sit in on a class during your campus visit notes Bruce DelMonico, director of admissions at Yale School of Management in the article. After all, he says, "You'll be spending a lot of time in the classroom. Getting an idea of the classroom culture is important."

After getting a sense of the school culture, the article's author suggests finding out about job placement services from the MBA program. Looking at job placement statistics and talking with admissions staff go a long way in providing MBA applicants with a better understanding of life after an MBA program.

If you have a family, try to get an idea of what family life is like in the area. Ask questions about living arrangements, jobs, local schools, and recreational activities. In turn, MBA applicants should also venture off campus--finding out about the community outside of the school shouldn't be neglected during a campus visit.

Wallace continues, "Get a feeling for the community you might one day join."