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Top Tips for Women in Business School

In a Nov. 16 article for, two trailblazing female MBA grads offer their best advice for women in business school. The article tackles the challenges of an MBA program from the oft-neglected female viewpoint, and offers a list of the top five ways to survive and thrive as a woman in b-school.

The most important piece of advice that authors Stephanie Rezvani and Sandie Taylor give female MBA students is to be aware of their role on team projects. Women in b-school may feel comfortable volunteering to take notes on a meeting or grab coffees for the group, but habitually playing the part of secretary can detract from making larger contributions to the team.

Other key advice includes maintaining a sense of humor, projecting a strong voice in the classroom, and cultivating relationships with both male and female classmates.

While women only make up about 30 percent of the average business school class, female MBA students can take heart in the knowledge that many business school programs are adapting to become more inclusive of their increasingly diverse student bodies.

Ultimately, any MBA student should be conscious of "branding" him or herself. In this article, Rezvani and Taylor seek to "help you take ownership of your brand from the first day of class, rather than letting it be decided for you."