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Tuck Introduces Online Education for Core MBA Courses

At Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business, instuctors are using new tools to broaden the way MBA coursework is being taught. The school recently began incorporating online learning tools such as video lectures, discussion boards, and online quizzes and polls into some of its core MBA courses, reports a May 4 article for Businessweek. About a dozen Tuck professors are now using online videos to teach introductory material for courses including Managerial Economics, Managerial Statistics, and Corporate Finance.

Tuck Dean Paul Danos piloted the program this year after being inspired by an online tutorial he did with his granddaughter on Khan Academy, a nonprofit education website offering thousands of free video lessons. Danos believed that a similar method could be applied at Tuck, allowing students to review material in advance and to create more time for face-to-face interaction and discussion in the classroom.

Early student response to the online MBA coursework has been positive, the article states, referencing a survey of 134 first-year MBA students who used online videos as part of their introductory statistics course. Of that group, about 80 percent said they found the videos useful as part of their overall classroom experience, and 72 percent said the videos improved their understanding of the material. Praveen Kopalle, who teaches the Statistics for Managers course, has also found the online methods helpful, as he can monitor his students' progress throughout the term.

"It gives me lots of diagnostic information that I can then link to class preparation," Kopalle says in the article. "The classroom experience is much richer because of the experience, because we can dig deeper into the material."