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Online MBA Program in Nonprofit Management

Seeking an Advanced Degree In Nonprofit and Government Training

Do you want to make the world a better place? Leadership careers in the nonprofit sector can give you an opportunity to combine your job with your passions and allow you to help improve society while working toward professional goals. One way to gain the leadership skills needed to prompt social change is through an advanced management degree program.

What Will a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management Cover?

In general, nonprofit organizations often engage in lobbying, professional and public education, public services, establishing programs, funding research and activities, issuing reports and publications, coordinating volunteers, and managing and investing donations and endowments. An advanced management degree will allow you to bring hard business skills like finance, accounting and strategy into these activities. Courses will likely cover a wide range of nonprofit management and public administration topics, including:

      • Strategic management of nonprofit organizations
      • Marketing and fundraising
      • Nonprofit financial management
      • Collaboration and partnerships across the sector

Often these specific courses are offered as electives, so it might be possible to earn an MBA degree with a concentration in public administration or nonprofit management. However, generally speaking, MBA programs strictly focused on nonprofit and government may be harder to find. This is why you may want to pursue a master's degree in nonprofit and management in its lieu.

Careers in Nonprofit Management for Those With Master's Degrees

According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, advocacy, grant making and civic organizations had 1.3 million wage and salary jobs in 2008. About three-fourths of these jobs were in civic, social, professional or similar organizations. Wages in nonprofit organizations can significantly vary: according to salary data reported by PayScale.com nonprofit managers with an MBA reported earnings between $33,500 and $90,700. However, it might be worth noting that an MBA or advanced management degree can help you prove your value to your organization and allow you to spring-board into executive positions and help you qualify for positions at the top end of the salary spectrum.

Additional Information for Individuals Pursuing Their Master Degree in Nonprofit Management