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All About Specialized Master's Degrees

For many professionals, the MBA degree does not necessary yield the swiftest route to career promotion and management opportunities. In fact, some career executives prefer their protégées to seek specialized master's degrees that allow them to focus on a specific niche. Many online programs offer curricula in management, finance, and industrial administration that provide professionals with powerful alternatives to the MBA.

For those who already have a career in the financial sector, a Master of Computational Finance degree can accelerate your promotion to management of IT-related services in your organization. This degree is valued by banks, energy utilities, securities and investment companies, and mortgage lenders. Many employers grant workers time off or offer flex-time and tuition reimbursement to employees who complete online master's degree programs.

Other Popular Master's Degrees

Campus, hybrid, and online programs leading to the MA in Leadership, Master of Science in Management, and the Master of Industrial Administration are designed for professionals seeking advancement in their careers. Leadership degree programs focus on foundation courses in management, team building, organizational change, and organizational ethics.

The Master of Science in Management can position mid-career professionals for advancement in their fields. It's a good business degree for professionals seeking to complement their expertise in health care, accounting, law, engineering, or technology. The Master of Science Degree in Industrial Administration can be an appropriate degree for people with technical backgrounds. If you're thinking globally, know that you can get an international business degree at the master's level.

Most employers see advanced education as a worthwhile investment and will often combine flex time and tuition assistance for qualified professionals. You may face several risks. Students in these programs must juggle a busy work schedules with family obligations and learning. Because these degrees offer an industry-focused education, they may not provide the well-rounded business management education found at MBA programs. But if you're ready for a specialized career in one of these lucrative fields, a particular master's degree may be your best bet.