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MBA Programs in Hawaii

Who wouldn't want to live and work in Hawaii? While the state's desirable climate and lifestyle may lead to increased competition for jobs on the islands, Hawaii also offers a number of potential career paths for MBA holders.

Hawaii's primary industry sector is tourism. The government is also focused on improving and diversifying the state's economy by funding infrastructure construction, building green workforce housing, infusing technology throughout the economy and working to advance sustainable tourism. Hawaii also has a robust health care system--of the top 10 largest companies in Hawaii listed by Hawaii-Business, four are in health care. MBA graduates could find management positions in all of these industry sectors. Because much of the state's income is tourism-based, marketing is an excellent specialization for graduates of MBA programs in Hawaii.

Honolulu, Hawaii's capital, largest city and major metropolitan area, is a financial and trading hub because of its central Pacific Rim location. It is headquarters for most major Hawaii banking institutions, also a target industry sector for MBAs.

Graduates of MBA Programs in Hawaii: Think Outside the Career Box

General and operations managers made Hawaii Department of Labor's list of occupations expected to have the most job openings in the state between 2008 and 2018, making it the best growth opportunity for MBA grads.

Because this island paradise is a popular destination for job seekers, graduates of business schools in Hawaii may need to be creative about how they use their MBAs. An article in Bloomberg Businessweek reports that K-12 school districts and charter schools are hiring more MBAs than ever before--and Hawaii has more independent secondary educational institutions than any other state. You may need to think "outside the box" to find your MBA career in Hawaii.

MBA Programs in Hawaii

Note: This list also contains online schools that accept students from Hawaii.