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MBA Programs in New Hampshire

Business schools in New Hampshire can give you the opportunity to earn an education and work in a state with several strong industries and an unemployment rate under 5 percent. The financial, professional and business services industry employs approximately 17 percent of the state's workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Since 2001, the state's high-tech professional and technical services sector has grown each year and, as of 2007, employed more than 17,000 professionals. Retail trade is another one of New Hampshire's industries that consistently employs large numbers of workers. The New Hampshire Employment Security, Economic & Labor Market Information Bureau also indicates that the health care services industry in the state is projected to grow 25 percent from 2008 to 2018.

Opportunities for MBA Graduates in New Hampshire: Making Your MBA Program Work for You

You could find increased opportunities to put your MBA to work in the New Hampshire cities of Manchester or Nashua. Both are home to 10 businesses that employ more than 500 people. If your goal is to attend one of the business schools in New Hampshire specifically to pursue an operations or general management position, take note that Nashua employs several hundred more managers and that the mean wages earned by those professional are $12,000 more per year than in Manchester, according to the With a versatile degree from one of the MBA programs in New Hampshire, you could pursue a management or analyst position and seek career development in one of New Hampshire's industries.

MBA Programs in New Hampshire

Note: This list also contains online schools that accept students from New Hampshire.