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MBA Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico's top industry is government, in part because the state is home to national security, science and engineering laboratories in Los Alamos and Albuquerque as well as four national defense and research bases including Kirtland Air Force Base Research Laboratory in southeast Albuquerque. In the past, the state hosted scientific breakthroughs like the Manhattan Project. In the future, it could see the opening of the world's first commercial space travel center, Spaceport America, according to the New Mexico Economic Development Department.

Future-oriented industries such as space travel have the potential to transform New Mexico's economy, and graduates from MBA programs in New Mexico can play a key role in that transformation. The state is also investing in alternative energy, information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology to help boost growth and supplement the state's significant industry sectors of education, health services and trade, transportation and utilities.

You May Be Able to Boost Your Career Opportunities With an MBA Program in New Mexico

Both Albuquerque and Santa Fe could provide opportunities for MBA graduates in the fields of business and financial occupations, particularly management, and through non-traditional opportunities in areas such as education, health care or government. Nearly half of the state's management jobs and 50 of 70 chief executive positions are located in Albuquerque, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Santa Fe, the state's capital, could also provide additional opportunities in government for graduates of business schools in New Mexico.

MBA Programs in New Mexico

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