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MBA Programs in North Dakota

In 2010, the North Dakota economy was the fastest growing in the nation, up 7.1 percent from 2009, according to the state's Department of Commerce. This was due in part to an advance in technology that allowed oil reserves located in Bakken, N.D., to be tapped. Mining has also recently surged in the state, according to a CNN Money article. Health care and social assistance, the retail trade, and accommodations and food services are also strong industries.

After completing one of the MBA programs in North Dakota, you could develop your career in a traditional sector or in one of the industries the government has targeted for expansion. Besides oil, the state is working on renewable energy projects that should have the capacity to produce 325 million gallons of ethanol, 85 million gallons of biodiesel, and 2,500 megawatts of wind power when completed. In fact, the international company LM Wind Power has a branch located in Grand Forks, N.D., that produces fiberglass blades for wind turbines. North Dakota is also focusing on innovation and productivity gains to continue growing manufacturing jobs within the state.

North Dakota Offers a Number of Opportunities for MBA Graduates

Graduates of business schools in North Dakota could find additional opportunities through large businesses located in the state: Microsoft Business Solutions in Fargo, the largest city in the state; Amazon's Internet Distribution Center in Grand Forks, the state's third largest city; and the ING Customer Service Operations center in Minot, the state's fourth largest city. Other facilities based in the state supply parts for the aerospace and renewable energy industries and could also be sources of jobs for business graduates of MBA programs in North Dakota.

MBA Programs in North Dakota

Note: This list also contains online schools that accept students from North Dakota.