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MBA Programs in South Dakota

With its wealth of natural resources, South Dakota has become a national leader in renewable energy. The state has 15 ethanol plants with annual production of more than 1 billion gallons of fuel, and it also produces 785 megawatts of wind-driven energy. South Dakota's economy also is driven by strong manufacturing and agricultural employment. Exports of corn and soybeans accounted for more than $4.6 billion in 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports, and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation predicts large growth in many areas of manufacturing. The fields of medical device manufacturing and biotechnology also are expected to see growth in coming years, and any of these fields could present opportunities to graduates of MBA programs in South Dakota.

South Dakota's Cities Offer New Advantages for MBA Graduates

Rapid City (population 67,000) and Sioux Falls (population 153,000) are two of the largest cities in the state. Businesses located within Rapid City include Black Hills Power, Northwestern Engineering Company, Rapid City Regional Hospital, West River Electric Association, and more. Within Sioux Falls, graduates of MBA programs in South Dakota could look for opportunities with companies like Xcel Energy, which provides electrical services to the city, and national telecom carriers AT&T and Qwest. Additionally, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation is actively working to attract businesses in industries such as biomedical research, customer-care services, mail-order pharmaceutical companies, and more. Recently, Sioux Falls ranked second on Forbes' 2011 list of Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers, which means it could be attractive to MBA graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit.

MBA Programs in South Dakota

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